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I'm a software developer and amateur musician with an interest in home audio recording.

Switching from Evernote to Apple Notes

I take a lot of notes, always have. For years I keep paper notebooks that covered usually about 4 months. When a notebook filled up, I would quickly review its contents and create an index on the last page of … Continue reading

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SAFe and/or DAD?

Many enterprises are finding RUP to be too costly, prescriptive and heavyweight, doesn’t provide the expected improvements in quality or time to value, and as a result often isn’t really followed by project teams. At the other end of the spectrum, Scrum … Continue reading

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Requirements Delivery and Asset Management Project Lifecycles

Enterprise assets, including business architecture and BPM operational components cannot simply be split into a strategic/tactical dimension – enterprise assets are usually involved in both. Elements of the enterprise architecture are building blocks that are instantiated and used in solution architectures. … Continue reading

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Collaborative Program Management

Large, multi-year projects like Intelligent Transportation Systems, Health Care Exchanges, new factory construction, road and bridge constructions, etc. involve significant collaboration between teams. There are typically three primary roles that participate in these collaborations. The Client is the individual, public … Continue reading

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Effective Use Of Model-Driven Development

The original promise of Object Management Group’s Model-Driven Architecture (OMG MDA) initiative, and its realization in Model-Driven Development (MDD) methods and tools, was to be able to separate conceptual business design, from platform independent logical solution design, from platform specific … Continue reading

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Requirements Management

The purpose of requirements management is to assure each project documents, verifies, and meets the needs and expectations of its customers and internal or external stakeholders. A requirements management program providing processes and tools for effective and efficient elicitation, capture, … Continue reading

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SOA Guiding Principles

I recently worked on an engagement at a large bank in Australia to develop a new solution using SOA principles, Rational Software Architect, and targeted for deployment to WebSphere Process Server. In the process of developing the engagement report, I … Continue reading

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